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An anesthesiologist knelt in the hospital bed to puncture the patient

There was no shortage of touching moments. Recently in xi ‘an jiaotong university two staged a scene of establishing affiliated hospital operating room, a dislocated anesthesia physician to hurt the old man underwent surgery, kneeling on the bed for the old man with piercing anesthesia surgery, makes the operation is completed, the anesthesiologist the move won the praise of net-friends and moved. An 83-year-old woman fell when she was in the toilet at home, and the old man immediately felt a sharp pain and could not stand, and the family sent the patient to the second hospital in xi ‘an. An X-ray examination revealed that the woman’s hip prosthesis, implanted two months ago, was removed from the acetabulum. In order to prevent tissue edema caused by prolonged dislocation, orthopaedic surgeons decided to immediately make a closed reset. But the old man suffering from high blood pressure, coronary heart disease (CHD), frequent room early, in the absence of anesthesia, pain causes blood pressure surge, myocardial oxygen consumption increased, may be the cause of heart attack and cerebrovascular accident, but if with general anesthesia and very high risk. As he hesitated, the young anesthesiologist, liu hongtao, volunteered to give the octogenarians anaesthetic. The general selection of a combination of hard lumbar anesthesia to the cardiovascular system may ease the pain and satisfy the muscles of the operation. But the old man can only force his seat to be forced by severe pain, which is a harsh requirement for an epidural puncture.

In the face of the old man’s anguished moan, liu was kneeling on the operating bed, giving the patient a joint anaesthesia. Because the anesthetic effect is very ideal, the life in the patient is stable, no discomfort, the operation lasts 30 minutes, the patient is returned to the ward after the successful restoration.

When operating room colleagues will kneel Liu Hongtao scene for anesthesia in patients with warm heart to friends, netizens have a Liu Hongtao dedication, serving patients moved about and thumb up.

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Post time: May-16-2017