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Lie down on the operating table 3 times cardiac arrest 5 times to get back

Lie down on the operating table 3 times cardiac arrest 5 times to get back Luckily, the chest pain immediately called 120 to our hospital, just in the operation table, three consecutive cardiac arrest, we were electrocuted by the side of the operation, hard to pull him back. “Yesterday, the medical staff of the department of cardiology in the department of the department of hangzhou normal university were talking about a lucky dog. The patient, surnamed li, 48, is the boss of a company. Mr. Li is in good health, without high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood lipids and other problems, but suddenly he has a heart attack at work. Why? A pack of cigarettes a day had a heart attack Mr. Li goes to the gym regularly to keep fit. But he had a bad habit of smoking at least a pack of cigarettes a day, and he stayed up all night. On Friday, at 8 a.m., when he arrived at work, Mr. Li was suddenly suffering from chest tightness, nausea and backache, and was unable to sweat and sweat. After the break, the situation still didn’t improve. At about 9:40, he called to contact the chest pain center of the affiliated hospital of hangzhou normal university and called 120. “Arriving at the emergency room at 10 a.m., the patient was in poor condition and pale. A blood pressure, as high as 160/100 MMHG, was a typical acute cardiac infarction.” The doctor urgently opened the green channel, prepared for the operation, and asked Mr. Li to take 300 mg of aspirin and 180 milligrams for grrillo. Just lie down on the operating table, Mr. Li suddenly cardiac arrest! “We’re going to have a cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and we’re going to have an electric shock. The heart is coming back and we’re going to have surgery.” Said jiang fan, deputy director of cardiology. Unexpectedly, this kind of malignant arrhythmia happened on the operating table 3 times, everyone has to shock defibrillation again and again, to wait for the heartbeat after the operation. “It took five shocks to get him back and a heart stent implant.” Doctors found that the largest blood vessel in Mr. Lee’s heart was blocked by 99 percent, and a large number of white cholesterol blood clots were found in the blood vessels. “The heart attack is likely to be related to Mr. Lee’s daily love of smoking.” The doctors involved in the treatment said. The youngest was a twenty-nine-year-old fat man “Our hospital center of chest pain, a year accepts more than 100 patients with myocardial infarction, this paragraph of time the weather is hot and cold, people much more special, sometimes a day for two or three, and mostly concentrated in the late.” “Said jiang fan. When you sleep, your blood flows slowly, and if you have a sleep apnea and a lack of oxygen, you can easily get a heart attack. In addition, the incidence of heart attacks is also a problem that can not be ignored. The youngest patient received by the academy is only 29 years old, a weight of 200 jin, and obese with “three high”. In the heart attack manual, there is a golden four-hour concept, which is to perform the operation of the blood vessel, which should be completed within four hours, and better if it can be completed within two hours. Hangzhou normal university center there is a requirement of establishing affiliated hospital of chest pain, from the hospital to open surgery in patients with blood vessels, due in 90 minutes, Mr Li was hospitalized soon, to win the time for yourself in the pre-hospital and hospital to complete the surgery, doctors also took 40 minutes, after the more for his help. Coughing at the time of onset is not reliable “Increased smoking, too much oil, too late in the night can damage the cardiovascular endothelium, especially those who prefer a large bowl of wine and a mouthful of meat.” Chen yukai, deputy director of the department of cardiology, said he had encountered several northerners weighing more than 200 jin because of a heart attack. Can this be done when a patient can cough or beat her breast with her hand? Jiang fan, deputy director of the shook his head, “myocardial infarction occurs, usually have to cry for help, more unable to cough or lamented, this kind of rumor. High-risk groups should be regular aspirin, feel chest not timely take three tablets immediately to chew, lie on your back, call 120. It is important to note that the available kyushin pills can only alleviate coronary heart disease, of myocardial infarction is invalid.”

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Post time: Jul-07-2017