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Routine depth! Changsha boy cuts wrapping operation platform to be added mark: otherwise impotent

Routine depth! Changsha boy cuts wrapping operation platform to be added mark: otherwise impotent
When you are pushed into the operation room in the hospital, lying on the operating table, the doctor next to the debugger is a variety of needles, ready for anesthesia, when your heart is not nervous and disturbed?
This is Changsha public Mr. Zheng, but his nervousness did not last long, in circumcision, a doctor “need to pay 3800 yuan to make clear, or may be impotent” let his heart from tension into worry, doubt, finally turned into anger.
Recently, the public Changsha Mr Cheng told the reporter to reflect, he do circumcision in broad Changsha urology hospital, after the anesthetic on the table after being told by doctors and other problems, need to increase the treatment project. The preoperative examination plus surgery and postoperative care cost more than $7000, and Mr. Cheng said he might have suffered from overtreatment.
After the anesthetic, only to find a new condition, the need for additional contributions
The afternoon of August 22nd, the 25 year old Mr. Zheng in asking friends about circumcision matters, to Changsha broad urology hospital for blood coagulation six, blood routine, prostate and other 9 preoperative examination, “the friend said that the cost of about two thousand yuan, less than half an hour of operation time. “
In the afternoon, inspection report shows Mr. Zheng prepuce, Mr. Zheng to find the doctor doctor Huang, “he said I was a bit premature ejaculation, wrapping inflammation, also some rash to be removed, need surgery. “In Mr. Cheng’s medical record, Dr. Huang Guobin’s diagnosis is” the foreskin is too long, the foreskin frenulum is too short, “the treatment advice is circumcision, lace extension plastic surgery and laser removal of warts and postoperative anti-inflammatory.”".
After paying 2800 yuan for the operation, Mr. Zheng came to the operation room and the doctor gave him a local anaesthetic. The thought that half an hour less surgery, but halfway out a little episode”.
“After the anesthesia, the doctor said the foreskin was also infected, and need to pay 3800 yuan to do the removal.”. “Mr. Zheng lying on the operating table and relatively tight, who did not bring so much money, a bit hesitant, but the doctor next sentence so that he did not think too much to do the surgery,” he said I still have to deal with this situation, or will affect the future of life, may will impotence. “
Subsequently, the doctor continued to perform surgery for Mr. Cheng, the whole process lasted for more than ten minutes, after surgery, Mr. Zheng temporary seek a friend borrowed money, paid 3800 yuan surgery fee.
Naked eyes can not see, B ultrasound is difficult to detect
After the completion of the operation, Mr. Zheng came to Huang doctor office again, the other party also suggested that Mr. Cheng to do three courses of detoxification treatment, a course of treatment is about 2000 yuan.
“I turned it down. “After coming out from the hospital, Mr. Zheng more think more and more wrong, will then tell the girlfriend Liu, Liu also questioned this, why a simple circumcision surgery to spend more than seven thousand yuan?” Why has the increased treatment program been temporarily removed from the operating table? At the same time, Mr. Zheng told reporters reflect, before operation, the doctor did not mention the other may occur during operation, but also did not inform their shallow fascia tissue may be infected, “if you know before the operation to be so much money, I will not do the surgery. “
On the afternoon of August 25th, the reporter accompanied Mr. Cheng as a family member, and once again came to Changsha to consult Huang Huang with his extensive urology hospital.
“When the surgeon saw the infection, it was recommended to remove, you agree to do it, do not agree, do not.”. “Doctor Huang said,” Mr. Cheng’s foreskin has inflammation, infected with shallow fascia, and this situation is not visible through the naked eye, B ultrasound is difficult to detect, can only be found during the operation. “. At the same time, Dr. Huang said that the superficial fascia infection would not affect the sex life. “We have problems for you, no problem, nothing is out of the question.”. “
To the doctor’s reply, Mr. Zheng is not satisfied, he told reporters, will further consult with the hospital, request refund of intraoperative increase in operating costs, such as consultation can not take other measures to protect rights.

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Post time: Aug-31-2017