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The nurse sang and played games near the operating table

The nurse sang and played games near the operating table


4 year old girl injured right foot toes, local anesthesia surgery must be carried out. In order to prevent the operating table for fear of crying children, female nurse with her singing and playing games for one hour, the operation can be completed successfully, the girl Lin Mei (a pseudonym) yesterday, with his right foot kicked the wall, right foot thumb pain, the family sent her to Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University. Upon examination, Lin Mei’s right thumb thumb was kicked into the meat and had to be operated on. However, local anesthesia is needed and doctors worry that only 4 year old Lin is too young to match. In order to let Lin beauty cooperate with surgery, the hospital plastic surgery department 90 female nurses white clouds in the operation process, sometimes to Lin beauty singing, sometimes accompany her play small game. “Guess what I have in my hand?” Guess, there’s a little present.” Although it was across the mask, the gentle tone of the nurse’s white cloud and her loving eyes attracted Lin Mei, greatly eliminating her fear and enabling the operation to be completed within an hour.

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Post time: Aug-31-2017