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“The treatment chair to eat watermelon” inappropriate speech and deportment

The patient is still on the operating table extraction, Zhen’an County Hospital Dental Clinic consulting room of several medical personnel gathered at the operating table to eat the watermelon. In August 19th, Zhen’an County hospital decided on someone’s department and individual hospital informed criticism, ordered the dean to make a profound examination in the team meeting. (August 24th China Daily)
From the surface, this incident reflects the problems of medical personnel involved. For example, violation of medical procedures, sterile concept, behavior disorder, lack of respect for patients, and so on. But it should be pointed out that, in outpatient extraction, patients sitting in the clinic chair, not in the strict sense of the operating table, “operation table eating watermelon” this statement is not accurate. Of course there are tooth sterile requirements, but not as strict as the other operation, eat watermelon in the treatment chair a few meters, ugly is eat, but this is a violation of the diagnosis and treatment of aseptic operation, still have to live according to the specific analysis.
If too much emphasis on “operation table” this factor, that medical personnel mainly violate the aseptic operating procedures, it may allow reflection deviated from the direction. The real reflection of the medical personnel is in the non key areas of speech and deportment, paralysis attitude. In fact, this phenomenon is more common in the medical system. No formal education and edification of professional medical personnel, have a strong sense of sterility, let alone around a patient table to eat watermelon, even less wash a hand, throw a cotton swab, they will feel uncomfortable. In some places where the requirement of asepsis is not strict, some medical personnel behave more casually. For example, bring children and even pets into the laboratory, take lunch boxes or cups into the resuscitation room, eat snacks in the therapeutic room, and so on. This is where the incident requires real reflection and attention. In a word, the medical staff can not understand the feelings of patients must not to stick at trifles.

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Post time: Aug-31-2017