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This nurse’s day is extraordinary! The tree orchid hospital completed eight organ transplants in 20 hours

Morning of May 11 to 12 in the afternoon, trees have been illuminated eight operating room of hospital, with an extraordinary night welcomed international nurses day shadowless lamp, led by William tay academicians and the life of zhang fei kidney disease specialist liver and kidney transplant team, and infection, anesthesia, operating room and intensive care unit, night more than 50 medical personnel, and in 20 hours to complete eight big organ transplants, continuation of the life of the 8 patients.

Multiple organ failure, edge dialysis

For patients waiting for transplants, time is life.

Aunt wu, 65, is in a dangerous condition.

More than 10 years ago, she was diagnosed with hepatitis b “small 3 this world”, but did not feel uncomfortable, until two weeks ago, all of a sudden symptoms such as eye yellow, yellow urine, muscle weakness and a check to the hospital, has developed into the hepatic failure and hepatic encephalopathy.

Just a few days ago, aunt wu suddenly increase, depression, lethargy, internal water will last me like a pregnant woman, even after the impact to other viscera function, such as renal failure results in the urine, and so on and so forth. The family immediately sent her to the hospital of the tree orchid, and the team of li lanjuan made two artificial liver treatments for her to relieve her condition.

Fortunately, two days later, aunt wu met her donor liver.

On the night of May 11, the chief of the Chinese academy of sciences, zheng shusen, performed the liver transplant. In order to ensure the stability of wu’s vital signs, she also carried out CRRT (continuous blood filtration) at the same time while the transplant was performed, and the replacement of the kidneys for humoral metabolism.

To do good in the first half of his life, and now others have saved his life

Mr. Zhang, a 52-year-old patient who has been working on organ donation, is now helping him in his previous career.

Starting around six years ago, Mr. Zhang are beginning repeatedly hematemesis, black, to the hospital a check is the digestive tract hemorrhage, in the after treatment, he was found to hepatitis b cirrhosis of the liver, after treatment, an improvement was discharged.

But, two years ago, a physical examination, he was again found to liver disease, liver cancer, after Mr Zhang was changing, black again, recently referred to a tree orchid hospital, has developed into chronic and acute liver failure, need a liver transplant.

He helped a lot of patients to live, and he insisted on great love, and this time the love and the baton of life were given to him.

He led a liver transplant.

The trees orchid 2. Jpeg

Above, shou zhang fei and the team are undergoing kidney transplant surgery

Lifelong dialysis, kidney transplant

Unlike patients with liver disease, patients waiting for kidney transplants may not be in such critical condition, but they have long suffered.

Ms. Lu, who was hospitalized for acute kidney failure at the age of 28, was slowly recovering from dialysis after a period of dialysis, which has been controlled for more than a decade.

At the beginning of this year,77981494642558357 Ms. Lu relapsed and she had to return to life on dialysis, a lifelong dialysis. For the 45-year-old, only a kidney transplant can be a good quality of life. After more than two months of waiting, Ms. Lu finally waited for her donor kidney.

Ms. Lu’s operation, which lasted from 11 to 11, lasted from 11 to 3, and was given a kidney transplant by zhang fei, the deputy director of the tree orchid hospital.

Behind each organ transplants, are an organ donor’s selfless love, are they the continuation of love, the life is hard and treasure the health of the relay.

To live up to this one selfless love, relay of the medical staff is a race against time, stepped up, with an extraordinary night welcomed international nurses day.

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Post time: May-16-2017